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Gluster Community Newsletter, March 2016


Great things happening this month!

Upcoming for next Month:

Linux Foundation Vault 

GlusterFS and its Distribution Model – Sakshi Bansal
GlusterFS @ Facebook – Richard Wareing
Arbiter based Replication in Gluster without 3x Storage Cost and Zero Split-Brains! – Ravishankar N.
Tiering in GlusterFS: Hardware Config Considerations – Veda Shankar

Ganesha + Gluster scale out NFSv4 – Kaleb Keithley
Huge Indexes: Algorithms to Track Objects in Cache Tiers – Dan Lambright
GlusterD 2.0 – Managing Distributed File System Using a Centralized Store – Atin Mukherjee
Understanding Client Side Shared Cache with Pblcacle – Luis Pabon
Deploying pNFS over Distributed File Storage – Jiffin Tony Thottan
Storage as a Service with Gluster – Vijay Bellur, Red Hat
Lessons Learned Containerizing GlusterFS and Ceph with Docker and Kubernetes – Huamin Chen

Noteworthy threads:


GlusterFS FUSE Client Performance Issues – Ravishankar N comments that the FUSE client Performance Issues will be resolved with the 3.7.9 release –
SELinux support in the near future!!! – Manikandan S outlines support for SELinux in upcoming releases
Default quorum for 2 way replication – Pranith kicks off a conversation about quorum in 2 way replication


Quality of Service in Glusterfs – Raghavendra Gowdappa kicks off a discussion on QoS
Updates on GD2 from Kaushal
GD2  ETCD Bootstrapping – Atin provides an update on GlusterD 2.0
On backporting fixes – Raghavendra Talur begins a discussion on backporting patches and tests
Improving subdir export for NFS-Ganesha
– Jiffin Tony Thottan starts a discussion if this should be in 3.7.9 or 3.8

Fuse Subdirectory mounts, access-control and sub-directory geo-replication, snapshot features – Pranith Kumar Karampuri (and Kaushal) gives a two-part update on design.

Gluster Top 5 Contributors in the last 30 days:

Niels de Vos, Mohammed Rafi KC, Kaleb Keithley, Soumya Koduri, Sakshi Bansal

Upcoming CFPs:

Flock: April 8
LinuxCon Japan: May 6
LinuxCon North America: April 26th
LinuxCon Europe:  June 17
LISA:  April 25th


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