Get Involved in the Gluster Community

A big thing in free software is the community itself. Getting help and sharing ideas with others working on the same technology is useful. Passing the knowledge to the next newcomer once you have learned your own ways around can be equally rewarding.

You can follow the social channels listed in the bottom of every web page to stay current with new releases, events and other news. But if you want to dive more into the community, join the mailing lists and IRC channels.

Community IRC Chat

If you need help, or want to get involved with our community, join us in one of our IRC (realtime chat) channels. Please be aware that people are from different timezones and do not always follow the discussion closely, so you might not get an answer right away. In that case you could post your question to the gluster users mailing list instead.

Our IRC channels are on freenode network.


Generic discussion. If you have questions about GlusterFS or need help setting things up, start here.


Developer channel, for topics related to developing glusterfs and related projects.


Dedicated channel for IRC meetings. We have a MeetBot (named ZodBot) providing convenience with meeting notes.

Mailing Lists

A lot of the development discussions and coordination and happens on our mailing lists because it enables discussion between people that are on different timezones. We have two mailing lists to separate core GlusterFS development communication from everything else:

Gluster Users

General GlusterFS discussion by users and developers. If you have questions or need help, we try to help you here.

Gluster Devel

The developers mailing list is reserved for planning and discussing core GlusterFS development.

Local Events and Meetings