Professional Support

The flexible nature of Gluster lends itself to a myriad of ways to build and configure solutions. Here are some consultancies that can help you design solutions, improve performance or provide additional support for Gluster.

BioDec helps in designing, building, and mantaining IT infrastructures to support complex systems and organizations. We design and build them with free software and open standards: GNU/Linux(we use Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS) as the operating system, many different software for the server virtualization (Ganeti, KVM, OpenNebula), specialized tools to manage large data (GlusterFS, Riak), and Python. We maintain them using automation (SaltStack, Cfengine3, Puppet), pervasive monitoring (Nagios, Graphite, Collectd, Statsd, Logstash), and Agile IT (a.k.a.devops) approaches.

Contact: Ivan Rossi
Telephone: +39 051-054-8263


Manhattan Computer Inc specializes in infrastructure, security, telecommunication and related services for medium and non-for-profit businesses in US with head quarters in New York City.
Manages and provides services like email, cloud backup, cloud drive, cloud firewall and PBX on own geographically distributed platforms.
Often a system architect and managing subcontractor for complex distributed setups for other technology companies.
Running operations from New York City since 2012.
Contact: Vlad Kopylov
Telephone: +1 844 835 7737 is based in Basel, Switzerland, and provides various managed services and consulting all based on open-source products.
Contact: Marc Bigler

Netbulae B.V.
Netbulae designs and implements virtual datacenters and cloud infrastructure. In today’s world, IT capabilities and possibilities are endless. So much so that it can be daunting to see the forest through the trees. With a no-nonsense approach, Netbulae advises about the virtualization solution that fits your company.
Contact: Jorick Astrego
Telephone :+31-53-20-30-270 team is focusing on helping the users of gluster have easier installation and management experience. Their team is also open to have consultation and development project taken up for glusterfs. Specially if you are looking for using glusterfs in kubernetes and container eco-system, may be a better solution for you. Visit their website for more information. If you are a developer, checkout their project in github.



Red Hat
Red Hat helps large and small companies solve business challenges, align their IT and business strategies, and prepare for the future of technology. Red Hat does this by providing secure solutions through an open business model and an affordable, predictable subscription model.
More Information:
Red Hat Gluster Storage