Professional Support

The flexible nature of Gluster lends itself to a myriad of ways to build and configure solutions. Here are the consultancies that can help you design solutions, improve performance or provide additional support for Gluster.


DataLab is a small IT infrastructure engineering company, based in Barcelona, Spain, since 1980 offering design, implementation, support and services mainly on Health Care sector: Hospitals, Clinical Analysis Labs, Medical Imaging and Genomics. We are specialized in Open Source Software Defined Storage support and services for large size (hundreds of TB’s to PB’s), continuously growing, and long lasting (human life span?) unstructured data archival for reference, research and education. We contribute to glusterfs community developing the Disperse Translator to provide Erasure Code based volumes.


BioDec helps in designing, building, and mantaining IT infrastructures to support complex systems and organizations. We design and build them with free software and open standards: GNU/Linux(we use Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS) as the operating system, many different software for the server virtualization (Ganeti, KVM, OpenNebula), specialized tools to manage large data (GlusterFS, Riak), and Python. We maintain them using automation (SaltStack, Cfengine3, Puppet), pervasive monitoring (Nagios, Graphite, Collectd, Statsd, Logstash), and Agile IT (a.k.a.devops) approaches.


Netbulae designs and implements virtual datacenters and cloud infrastructure. In today’s world, IT capabilities and possibilities are endless. So much so that it can be daunting to see the forest through the trees. With a no-nonsense approach, Netbulae advises about the virtualization solution that fits your company.

Red Hat

Red Hat helps large and small companies solve business challenges, align their IT and business strategies, and prepare for the future of technology. Red Hat does this by providing secure solutions developed on top of community projects through an open business model and an affordable, predictable subscription model. It does not offer support for community versions.

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