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Gluster Community Newsletter, January 2015


We’re kicking off an updated Monthly Newsletter, coming out mid-month. We’ll highlight special posts, news and noteworthy threads from the mailing lists, events, and other things that are important for the Gluster community.

Community Survey Followup

Our community survey results from November are out on the blog!

News and Noteworthy Threads from the Mailing Lists

Lindsay Mathieson and Krutika collaborated on testing sharding improvements and performance as part of Krutika’s post on the improvements to sharding translator specific to the VM image store use case

Ram’s observations that the libgfapi based access to volumes are slower than FUSE received a bit of discussion including debugging. Further in this thread the specific workbench exhibiting the behavior was described.

Amye notes that in the interest of making the documentation usable, a review of the MediaWiki based content was completed before plans to switch on the Github based wiki pages.

Defect resolution discussion around diagnosing volume rebalance failure
Sakshi and Susant work through the sequence of questions and responses in order to identify the root cause and provide resolution.

Vijay proposes a new plan for 3.8, looking to bring some 4.0 features into 3.8, testing in distaf, adding forward compatibility and naming a release manager for 3.8. This pushes out the timeline for 3.8 to end of May/early June.

As part of his work on the eventing framework for Gluster, Samikshan posted a summary of the ideas and work completed. He has been working on ensuring notifications from each node is available for introspection as well as aggregating all the signals/notifications across a deployed cluster.

Niels put together a high level task breakdown to support SELinux overFUSE mounts:  At present one cannot set a SELinux context over a FUSE mount as FUSEdoes not include support.

Krutika has worked on the sharding feature for GlusterFS with specific focus on enabling the VM image store use case. Now she has provided a small note on the features and more technical description of the internals.

Pranith has been using different forums to discuss the compound FOP (re)design ideas with the intent to reduce network round-trips. He puts together a first pass summary of his ideas. The post received extensive discussion with participation from both NFSv4 and SMB developers. The reviews were summed up in another draft and posted. This, in turn, had a number of queries from Jeff Darcy.

The design for the User and Group Quota support in GlusterFS has been posted for review.

Vijay expresses concern about the backlog in reviews and seeks to have some ideas as to how to create a way to reduce the backlog and make it more manageable.

Luis Pabon and Sachidananda Urs collaborate to understand integration work between gDeploy and Heketi

Atin followed up on the RFC call on the GlusterD2.0 ReST API design

The test failure and hangs on NetBSD have been a topic of conversation through the month of December. This month Pranith and Krutika have volunteered time to help make the tests better for NetBSD.

Atin requested the feature leads to update the Gluster 4.0 Roadmap Page with description of the features and specifications.

Raghavendra Talur’s work on some test profiling enabled a set of observations. Vijay responded with suggestions on using ramdisk for /var/lib/glusterd with the objective of improving latencies for the volume operations.

Raghavendra Talur initiates a discussion around enabling developers to build a test environment which is identical to the Gluster community test infrastructure.

Michael Scherer ponders on moving the infrastructure management piece to Ansible. At present the Gluster community infrastructure uses Salt. Michael provides a well reasoned note on why the move to using Ansible is good .

NetBSD tests and regressions come up for discussion.

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