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Gluster Community Newsletter, April 2016


Lots of people at Vault this week!

Last month’s newsletter included a list of all of the Gluster related talks, so if you’re here, come by the Red Hat booth and say hi!

New things:
3.7.11 Released:

We’ve got a new Events ( page to replace the publicpad.
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Highlights from this past month’s mailing lists:


Taira Hajime announced the general availability of Glubix 1.4 with support for Zabbix Server 3.0.

Rajesh suggested using “–mode=script” option in order to enable non interactive use of gluster snapshot delete.

The 3.7.10 release continued to create conversations on the list.

Raghavendra Talur picked up a conversation thread on GlusterFS on HPC cluster as this has been requested earlier


Atin discussed the topic of brick port allocation by GlusterD and proposed a patch which adopts an approach similar to snapd.

With the 3.8 release process being more firm about the need to have well written features pages, there appear to be a subset of features which are now “at risk”. While 30 Apr is the date by which this needs to be completed, both Niels and Amye urge feature owners to work on squaring things away.

Jiffin reminded the feature owners about adding tests to the DiSTAF. With the framework having additional maintainers and more active development,  inclusion of test cases by 30Apr is a requirement for consideration of 3.8 release feature completion.

The location of the DiSTAF tests received a fair amount of conversation intending to ensure that helper libraries and tests are appropriately located to help packaging and wider adoption of the framework itself.

Karthik Subrahmanya provided an update on his work on the WORM feature.

Kaushal provided additional context around the 3.7.10 release, mentioning in detail the regression (which was also present in 3.7.9)

Vijay had asked for additional detail about coherence issues in context of the SELinux client support in GlusterFS design. which Manikandan had put up for review. Manikandan explained that the work continues on invalidating the xattrs through the Upcall Infrastructure which would handle the coherence issues.

Quota Enhancements is a design document posted by Manikandan intended to improve the quota enable/disable processes. A patch is also under review.



Amye announced the week of 28Mar would have the Jenkins infrastructure moved from iWeb hosting to Red Hat’s data centers. Since this has potential impact on 3.7.10 release, the announcement was intended to seek agreement and make the necessary changes. Michael Scherer reported back that the migration was completed without hassles.

Niels alerted the maintainers about not merging patches with topic ‘rfc’ in Gerrit. He mentioned that without a bug to track the changes it is difficult to build a query which lists all the changes against the particular feature.

Atin’s note about a regression around GlusterD failing to restart when volume has snapshots spawned an entire thread to the feasibility of the 3.7.10 release. Subsequently, a decision was arrived at to work towards a 3.7.11 addresses this topic. More at 3.7.10 known issue.

Small kerfuffle around a recent change which caused failures to build artifacts was discussed – the issue arose from the failures being not reported back to gerrit. Since the report, it has been addressed and things are back to normal.

The 3.7 release has not been without drama. Kaushal reported another set of regressions, this time with management encryption enabled, daemons such as NFS etc would not start. This is where the 3.7.11 release dates received some amount of serious consideration and planning.

Pranith’s intent to include the multi-threaded self-heal patch in a 3.7.12 release received a good amount of discussion with Niels highlighting the concern around back-porting this to a 3.7 release because potential undiscovered issues are something which is expected for new features and thus contain a risk.


Gluster Top 5 Contributors in the last 30 days:

Niels de Vos, Vijaykumar M , Pranith Kumar K, Atin Mukherjee, Sakshi Bansal


Upcoming CFPs:

LISA:  April 25th

LinuxCon North America: April 26th

LinuxCon Japan: May 6

LinuxCon Europe:  June 17


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