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Gluster Container Storage milestone 0.4

Atin Mukherjee
December 12, 2018

Today, we are announcing the availability of GCS (Gluster Container Storage) 0.4. The release was bit delayed to address some of the critical issues identified. This release brings in a good amount of bug fixes along with some key feature enhancements in GlusterD2. We’d request all of you to try this out and provide feedback.

Highlights and updates since v0.3:
– Brick Multiplexing support in GD2
– Better distributed and resilient transaction engine in GD2
– replace brick, volume profile API support in GD2
– Critical memory leak in net/rpc package of GD2
– Support of bytes as unit in volume size for volume create request in csi-driver
– Self heal, snapshot brick count, volume profile metrics in gluster-prometheus
– Initial SDK skeleton in anthill (gluster-operator)

Included components:
– Glusterd2:
– Gluster CSI driver:
– Gluster-prometheus:
– Anthill –

For more details on the specific content of this release please refer [3].

If you are interested in contributing, please see [4] or contact the gluster-devel mailing list. We’re always interested in any bugs that you find, pull requests for new features and your feedback.

Team GCS

[3] – search for ‘Done’ lane


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