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Some GraphViz Templates for my OpenStack Savanna talk


Okay…  So I keep finding myself googling for these GraphViz templates.  Here’s the ones im using for my OpenStack Savanna preso this tuesday.

This should be interesting to anyone who is either (1) interested in giving an openstack savanna talk or (2) stealing my slides and modifying them or (3) needs to spice up their graphviz chops.

UML style diagrams

node_group_template_master -> cluster_template [arrowhead = diamond];
node_group_template_slave -> cluster_template [arrowhead = diamond];
cluster_template -> cluster


Here’s how to make subgraphs in.  I’ve used this to show the three stages of oozie. In this case, a super distilled subgraph : Russian dolls of the oozie layers.

digraph G {
subgraph cluster_a {
subgraph cluster_0 {
subgraph cluster_1 {

Node Shapes

Node shapes are important when you want to show multiple attribtues of a node (i.e. describe internal data structure).

digraph e {

   node [shape=record];
DIRTY_CSV [label=”DIRTY_CSV|fname   lname -prod , price ,prod,..”];
CSV [label=”CSV|fname,lname,prod,price,date,xcoord,ycoord,…”];
PROD_REC [label=”PROD_REC  | jay vyas, dogfood, .6″];
MAHOUT_VIEW [label=”CSV for MAHOUT | x,y,prob”];
Generate -> DIRTY_CSV ;
DIRTY_CSV -> pig [label=”apply hash for coords, clean”];
pig -> CSV [Shape=”record”];
CSV -> hive ;
hive -> MAHOUT_VIEW [label=”select coordinates”];
MAHOUT_VIEW -> mahout -> PROD_REC ;
PROD_REC  -> crunch
CSV -> crunch ;
crunch -> CUSTOMER_PAGE [label=”s|b”];


So, in the above graph, we have NODE definitions (i.e. CUSTOMER_PAGE) which use a | separator to create two parts of a box.  Then we reference those node defs later on.  You can also use the “node” field for a general default node type (see node [shape=record] above, which makes all shapes into records).

ER type cardinality diagrams

And finally, you can use different “arrowhead” implementations “crow”,  “diamond”, and “empty”.

 digraph cont  {
cluster_group -> node_group [arrowhead = crow];





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