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Gluster Monthly Newsletter, December 2018

Amye Scavarda

See you at FOSDEM! We have a jampacked Software Defined Storage day on Sunday, Feb 3rd  (with a few sessions on the previous day):

We also have a shared stand with Ceph, come find us!

Gluster 6 – We’re in planning for our Gluster 6 release, currently scheduled for Feb 2019. More details on the mailing lists at

Want swag for your meetup? has a contact form for us to let us know about your Gluster meetup! We’d love to hear about Gluster presentations coming up, conference talks and gatherings. Let us know!


Top Contributing Companies:  Red Hat, Comcast, DataLab, Gentoo Linux, Facebook, BioDec, Samsung, Etersoft

Top Contributors in December: Sunny Kumar, Amar Tumballi, Sheetal Pamecha, Harpreet Kaur Lalwani, Sanju Rakonde

Noteworthy Threads:

[Gluster-users] Update from GlusterFS project (November -2018)

[Gluster-users] Glusterd2 project updates (

[Gluster-users] GCS 0.4 release

[Gluster-users] Announcing Gluster release 5.2

[Gluster-users] Gluster meetup: India

[Gluster-users] Update on GCS 0.5 release

[Gluster-devel] Gluster Weekly Report : Static Analyser

[Gluster-devel] FOSDEM stand – February 2 & 3, 2019

[Gluster-devel] Infra Update for Nov and Dec

[Gluster-devel] Latency analysis of GlusterFS’ network layer for pgbench

[Gluster-devel] Implementing multiplexing for self heal client.

[Gluster-devel] include-what-you-use run on Gluster

[Gluster-devel] [DHT] serialized readdir(p) across subvols and effect on performance


FOSDEM, Feb 2-3 2019 in Brussels, Belgium –

Vault: February 25–26, 2019 –

Open CFPs:
KubeCon EU – Barcelona: May 19-21 – CFP closes Jan 19!


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    Gluster Monthly Newsletter, April 2...

    Upcoming Community Happy Hour at Red Hat Summit! Tue, May 7, 2019, 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM EDT has all the details. Gluster 7 Roadmap Discussion kicked off for our 7 roadmap on the mailing lists, see [Gluster-users] GlusterFS v7.0 (and v8.0) roadmap discussion for more details. Community...

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    Community Survey Feedback, 2019

    In this year’s survey, we asked quite a few questions about how people are using Gluster, how much storage they’re managing, their primary use for Gluster, and what they’d like to see added. Here’s some of the highlights from this year!

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