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Gluster Community Newsletter, June 2016


Announcing 3.8!

As of June 14, 3.8 is released for general use.
The 3.8 release focuses on:

  • containers with inclusion of Heketi
  • hyperconvergence
  • ecosystem integration
  • protocol improvements with NFS Ganesha

Please note that this release also marks the end of updates for Gluster 3.5.

Upcoming Events:

Red Hat Summit, June 28-30

Gluster related talks:
Ceph and Gluster: A comparative theology
Sage Weil, Vijay Bellur

Red Hat Gluster Storage: Strategic direction, roadmap, and integrations
Sayan Saha, Jeff Darcy

Aplo – Gluster in containers
Luis Pabon
Gluster Developers Summit

— deadline for application closes July 31 —

We’ll be implementing a rolling invitation list for those who need to book flights, put in your application for invitation before July 31st if you’d like to attend!
Top 5 contributors:
Nigel Babu, Pranith Kumar, Niels de Vos, Krutika Dhananjay, Kaleb S. Keithley

Any other events that should be added to Submit a PR with your upcoming event!


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