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Come to our OpenStack Swift API Sprint at PyCon 2013!

February 7, 2013

The Gluster Community and SwiftStack would like to invite you to join our sprint at PyCon 2013, taking place in the Hyatt Regency, Santa Clara, CA, on Monday, March 18, 2013.

The sprint is meant for anyone who wants to create apps leveraging the Swift API – which means anyone who’s ever wanted or needed to target cloud storage.

Swift is a highly available, distributed, eventually-consistent object storage mechanism, leveraging REST as a transfer mechanism. As a standard for distributed object access, an application written with Swift is portable to any compliant platform, including Gluster and Amazon S3.

Since Swift uses REST, applications can use it in many languages, from Python, to Java, to bash, to C#,  to anything else that can manage to open a socket.

Not only will the sprint serve as an excellent environment to challenge and indulge your cloud storage capabilities and interest, but if you develop the best application, you could take home a prize.

The sprint agenda is in ongoing development, but you can take a look as it evolves and add your thoughts to the sprint wiki page.

We hope to see you at PyCon 2013!


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