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Announcing GlusterFS release 3.12.0 (Long Term Maintenance)


This is a major Gluster release that includes features and bug fixes. Notable feature highlights are:

  • Ability to mount sub-directories using the Gluster native protocol (FUSE)
  • Brick multiplexing enhancements that help scale to larger brick counts per node
  • Enhancements to gluster get-state CLI enabling better understanding of various bricks and nodes participation/roles in the cluster
  • Ability to resolve GFID split-brain using existing CLI
  • Easier GFID to real path mapping thus enabling diagnostics and correction for reported GFID issues (healing among other uses where GFID is the only available source for identifying a file)

The features and changes are documented in the release notes [1].

A full list of bugs that have been addressed is included in the release notes as well [1].

The packages can be downloaded from [2] and are signed with [3].

Further, as 3.11 release is a short term maintenance release, features included in 3.11 are available with 3.12 as well, and could be of interest to users upgrading to 3.12 from older than 3.11 releases. The 3.11 release notes [2] captures the list of features that were introduced with 3.11.

Upgrade guide for release-3.12 can be found here [4].

Releases that will no longer receive updates (or are reaching EOL) with this release are: 3.11, 3.8 (see [5])

Releases that will continue to be updated in the future as of this release are: 3.12, 3.10 (see [5])

[1] 3.12.0 release notes:

[2] Packages:

[3] Packages signed with:

[4] Upgrade guide to release 3.12:

[5] Release schedule:


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