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Welcome to Gluster.org, home of GlusterFS and related distributed data projects. GlusterFS is a unified, poly-protocol, scale-out filesystem serving many PBs of data.

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Gluster serves thousands of clients on streaming media, cloud computing and other large installations. Read how they do it and how you can do it, too.

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The Gluster community is home to many open source projects that extend or are complementary to GlusterFS. Download software or start a project.

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Gluster is developed and used by a global community. People just like you contribute to the development and discussion. Join us!

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"POODLE" Alert

Recent vulnerability in OpenSSL affects also GlusterFS users.

We have changed the default configuration of GlusterFS to protect GlusterFS users on systems with yet unpatched OpenSSL. Note: Users can still set their own options if they wish.

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GlusterFS is being used all over the world. We've collected some exciting testimonials from satisfied users and thrown in some other interesting facts and news in the mix: enter the Gluster Spotlight!

Louis Zuckerman enjoys excellent reliability, performance and scalability from GlusterFS with EC2.


Daniel Mons chose GlusterFS to power Cutting Edge's video effects business. They wanted to boost their network storage capacity and performance for upcoming movie projects.

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