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Gluster 3.2: Introducing GlusterFS

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GlusterFS is an open source, clustered file system capable of scaling to several petabytes and handling thousands of clients. GlusterFS can be flexibly combined with commodity physical, virtual, and cloud resources to deliver highly available and high performance enterprise storage at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions.

GlusterFS clusters together storage building blocks over Infiniband RDMA and/or TCP/IP interconnect, aggregating disk and memory resources and managing data in a single global namespace. GlusterFS is based on a stackable user space design, delivering exceptional performance for diverse workloads.

GlusterFS is designed for today's high-performance, virtualized cloud environments. Unlike traditional data centers, cloud environments require multi-tenancy along with the ability to grow or shrink resources on demand. Enterprises can scale capacity, performance, and availability on demand, with no vendor lock-in, across on-premise, public cloud, and hybrid environments.

GlusterFS 3.2 architecture.

GlusterFS is the heart of all of Gluster’s commercial offerings, and is in production at thousands of enterprises spanning media, healthcare, government, education, web 2.0, and financial services. The following table lists Gluster commercial offerings and its documentation location:

Product Documentation Location
Gluster Storage Software Appliance
Gluster Virtual Storage Appliance
Gluster Virtual Storage Appliance for Amazon Web Services


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