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From GlusterDocumentation

This is an UNOFFICIAL & tentative list of big new features expected in the glusterfs 3.3 series.

New features

  • Unified File & Object access.
  • Hadoop hooks - HDFS compatibility layer

New Volume Type

  • Repstr - replicated + striped (+ distributed) volumes

Enhancements to Distributed volumes (DHT translator)

  • Rebalance can migrate open files
  • Remove-brick can migrate data to remaining bricks

Enhancements to Replicated volumes (AFR translator)

  • Ability to change replica count on an active volume (possibly including ability to add replication to distribute-only volumes)
  • Granular locking - useful for running VM images needing to be healed. Glusterfs will not have to lock & freeze the whole VM disk image, only the parts that need healing.
  • Proactive self-heal - when a brick comes back online the gluster daemon should begin the self-heal process without waiting for the files to be accessed.
  • Round-trip reduction - should improve performance especially for smaller files.
  • Quorum enforcement - should help resolve or avoid split brain scenarios

Thanks to jdarcy, kkeithley & bulde in #gluster for helping semiosis with the info for this.


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