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Please see the 3.4 Features Page for a list of features that will make it into 3.4.

Everything below is solely for historical and archival purposes.

Beta Releases and Testing

Planning for GlusterFS 3.4

Preliminary list of things we want to implement.

Core Features

Core means "we really really really want to implement for this cycle."

  • VM image store - see QEMU integration, libglusterfs changes
  • QEMU integration - plugging libglusterfsclient into libvirt
    • BD translator
    • See Bharata Rao, Mohan's patch sets
  • Multi-master GeoReplication - Csaba, jdarcy, venky
  • Management UI - (oVirt collaboration) - Shireesh
  • libglusterfsclient API - Avati
  • Multi-tenancy with client_t
    • transport encryption, uid-gid mapping (probable)
  • WORM (write once read many)
  • UFO enhancements - rebasing on latest release
  • HDFS performance enhancements
  • glocate (path info, set location) and gfind (marker)
  • rebalance specific folder
  • Glusterd - expose all volume options
  • Operating version for glusterd
  • All key library functions and translators should have code comments
  • Log messages review

Nice to Have

Nice to have means "we'd love to implement this for 3.4, but chances are it will be pushed into a later release."

  • HDFS library enhancements
    • rebase for later releases of Hadoop
    • buffered writes
  • Encryption (data and auth)
    • kerberos for auth? SSL for auth & data?
  • Snapshots
  • Filesystem versioning (probably git translator)
  • GeoRep sparse replicas
  • file compression & de-dupe

Contributed Feature Ideas

Proposing New Features

New features should follow the template proposed here:

* New Feature Template

Use the template to create a new feature page, and then link to it from the "Contributed Features" section above - or from Features


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