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Gluster Storage Connector for OpenStack Resource Page

We are pleased to announce the Gluster storage connector for the community. This will bring the following capabilities for OpenStack users:

  • Live migration of VM's without service outage
  • Live resume of VM's, even on different hypervisors
  • Global scale-out filesystem for VM's

Right now you can get all of this with GlusterFS, if you're willing to get your hands dirty and follow the manual process of installing GlusterFS.

Later, we will release scripts for automating the process.


Here's a HOWTO for making GlusterFS work for OpenStack VM storage:


Unified Object and File Storage

We have been working with the OpenStack community to create a SWIFT-compatible storage layer that unifies file and object storage code. You can find more information in the GlusterFS 3.3 Admin Guide.


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