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Plotting the Gluster (R)evolution

Testing Days - Testfests!

  • GlusterFest - It's a GlusterFest! This is where we run our community test days. Find out when the next one is and how you can participate at the link above.

Gluster Community Board

These are minutes taken from board meetings:


Plan out each release cycle: infrastructure

Here are some ideas for what we're thinking:

  • New CMS - we're discovering that Wordpress seems to have limitations for a full-fledged CMS. Let's discuss the needed changes, such as an integrated wiki, and the ability to have multiple contributors to different sections
  • Project management - Want to start a project on Let's give you the tools needed, such as hooks into github or other repository, a bug tracker (or hooks to another one), wiki, docs area, membership, etc.
  • Q&A - we like Q&A tools, such as what we have now on, but we're not sure if we have the right tool. Suggestions welcome.


We need help upgrading our documentation - for new users, power users, developers and everyone else. Here is a list of needed docs. Add your suggestions to the list.

QuickStart, Really Really Quick Start and Getting Started guides

Choose one of the tutorials above to get started using Gluster at whatever pace makes you comfortable Quick Start is a good place for new users. Really Really Quick Start for those who don't like to wait or who just want a refresher course on how to get things running. The Getting Started for an in depth look at setting up your first Gluster cluster. Get a working Gluster deployment in less time than it takes to make grits! Once you have the steps down, that will even include instant grits.

Tips, HOWTOs and Quick Answers

Check here for a list of articles on how to configure and troubleshoot common issues with Gluster. This is also a placeholder for article ideas, so if it isn't written yet, feel free to contribute!

Usage profiles

Discuss different use cases require different configurations. What is your desired use case? What did you need to do in order for the performance to be acceptable? Add your use case to the list:

  • Web site storage
  • Office file server
  • Distributed content delivery network
  • Scientific computing
  • Virtual Machine Hosting
    • From scratch
    • Migrating from DRBD/OCFS2 to GlusterFS
    • Others?
  • Developer docs - translator APIs, UFO API, HDFS connector API

GlusterFS Build, Test and Release

We want GlusterFS to be the most robust distributed filesystem on the planet. As such, we're looking for people who want to test GlusterFS at scale, or can pitch in and help prepare for releases. If you understand packaging, we need your help. If you can test at scale, even better.


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