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Getting Started and QuickStart Guides

After some time baking these in, we have the beginnings of more in-depth documentation. These are just the start, look for more later.


  • Presentations - Slides and videos from public talks about GlusterFS

GlusterFS 3.7

Watch this space.

GlusterFS 3.6

GlusterFS 3.6.3 is our latest release.

GlusterFS 3.5

GlusterFS 3.5.3 is the latest stable release.

Please see these links and send any questions to gluster-devel.

  • Features included in 3.5 - this is the list of all new features we're including in GlusterFS 3.5, with links to their respective feature description pages
  • Upgrade to 3.5 - IMPORTANT! Please read before upgrading to GlusterFS 3.5.

GlusterFS 3.4

GlusterFS 3.4.6 is a mature release and is suitable for production environments.

GlusterFS next versions

Backport Wishlist

If you need a fix to be back ported to a particular release, please file a Bug Report at and add the bug number to the Depends On: field in the appropriate tracker bug report:

Community Governance

  • Governance - Find out how the Gluster Community is governed and why it matters

Contributing to the Gluster Community

There are a variety of ways to contribute to the Gluster community.

Documentation for GlusterFS

This is one of the best place to start contributing to Community.

Currently GlusterFS documentation is divided in two places.

  • Some documents which are mostly static pages ( e.g: the admin guide, feature) are part of gluster code base i.e. in glusterfs/doc directory.
  • The other documentation source is gluster wiki
    • To contribute for gluster wiki you need to login to gluster wiki.
      • If you donot have an account, create it here
    • gluster wiki is based on MediaWiki and MediaWiki follows MediaWiki markup format.
    • Learn MediaWiki Formatting tips at : Help For MediaWiki
  • If you have more questions or suggestions on documentation, please send a mail to gluster-users mailing list

See pending tasks in documentation that need your attention Doc_todo_list

Gluster Community Planning

We are planning some massive changes at, which will become the home for GlusterFS users and developers, as well as project leaders of related projects. If you have opinions about 'the way things oughta be' then hit the link below.


If you're interested in extending GlusterFS, learning about it's architecture or participating in the developer workflow, you'll want to read this:

Quality Engineers


GlusterFS Test Days

  • GlusterFest - Sessions for people to run GlusterFS, generally targetting new features so we can shake out bugs before release.


Collection of other documents which will be useful

For our Community Admins

Useful pages and links for our Community Infrastructure Admins :)

Archived Docs


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