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From GlusterDocumentation

Features Template

To introduce new features, see the link below. Be sure to include links to code or a site where you describe the project.

Proposed/Accepted Features per Release

  • 4.0 (in planning)
  • 3.7 (in development)
  • 3.6 (released)
  • 3.5 (released)
  • 3.4 (released)

Feature List

This is a place-holder for description of features in GlusterFS. All new features to be developed will need an entry here.

Proposed Features/Ideas

These features are not owned by anyone yet. They may be worked on by new contributors to Gluster or anyone who is interested.

  • Features/SplitNetwork
    make it possible to use a private network for the storage servers (also Multi-Home?).

Some more ideas can be found at Projects

Features implemented or being worked on

  • Operating version for glusterd
    “operating-version” support in 'glusterd' is required to ensure that different versions of gluster binary bits interact with each other without problems.
  • Duplicate Request Cache
    DRC for GlusterNFS to provide resilience to rpc restransmissions of non-idempotent operations.
  • Server Quorum
    This feature, when enabled, kills the bricks in the volume that do not meet the quorum because of network splits/outages.


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