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Contributing to the Gluster community

Are you itching to send in patches and participate as a developer in the Gluster community? Here are a number of starting points for getting involved. We don't require a signed contributor license agreement or copyright assignment, but we do require a "signed-off-by" line on each code check-in.

  • Simplified Developer Workflow - A simpler and faster intro to developing with GlusterFS, than the doc below.
  • Developer Workflow - this tells you about our patch requirements, tools we use, and more. Required reading if you want to contribute code.
  • License Change - we recently changed the client library code to a dual license under the GPL v2 and the LGPL v3 or later

Compiling Gluster

  • Compiling RPMS - Step by step instructions for compiling Gluster RPMS
  • Building GlusterFS - How to compile Gluster from source code. Including instructions for Ubuntu.



Bug Handling

Patch Acceptance

Release Planning

We recently convened to plan the 3.6 release, the results of which you'll find in the link below. This is, of course, subject to change.

Release Process

Writing Translators

Translators are the most powerful way to extend GlusterFS. These stackable modules allow developers to easily add - or remove - features as they see fit. GlusterFS is, at its core, a toolkit for building new filesystems, with translators being the building blocks.


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